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Contemporary Modern Garden Design Brixton

When we first came to look at the garden it was  a bit of a wilderness, the higher level started just outside the French doors and the mature 20 year plus planting had made the garden almost on usable.

The solution was to excavate outside the French doors to create a lower patio and seating area, we then built new steps to the right hand side to make the view and usable space on the lower terrace as attractive and also practical as possible.

The fences are simple panels painted in a light grey with a hardwood slatted trellis on top. We have raised beds left and right that wrap around the garden to create privacy and lift the plants to a higher level. Artificial grass was used to maximise all year round use of the garden for children, planting was a mixed Mediterranean and English style that was relatively low maintenance and most of the plants are quite hardy and tough.

We created an area at the back of the garden the seating to catch the last bit of sun in the afternoon, beyond this is a utility area of the Garden that allowed bikes and other things for the garden to be stored to make use of the back gate entrance onto a private road. The raised beds are wrapped around this area to give a more positive focal point of planting and raised bench.

The overall effect is of an urban oasis contemporary modern Mediterranean London garden with architectural planting which also combines to create a wonderful family garden that is low maintenance and practical.

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